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We have the best prices on corrugated cardboard boxes, shipping cartons, corrugated boxes,Electronic packaging boxes etc.We can produce any styles of corrugated according as your requirement.

Custom mailing style packaging boxes

custom mailing style packaging box,full color printing mailing boxes

Custom Printed Corrugated packaging boxes

printed corrugated box,corrugated box

Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated boxes are the way to go when it comes to all of your shipping and storage needs. At BBP, we have 11,000+ boxes and mailing boxes in stock ready to be sent to you with same day shipping. We carry a variety of boxes, from various colors to sizes to weights, and on our site you can search all of the styles by the size of box you need to make sure you won’t have to compromise. With so many to choose from, gone are the days of buying oversized boxes and trying to compensate with additional packaging material. Now you can buy the correct size box for shipping or storage and rest assured that your possessions will be nestled safely.

Corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping because they’re made to cushioning and protect. The flutes between the cardboard sheets support your package during transit and are sturdy enough not to give way or damage the contents. It’s resistant to compression, piercings, and the general wear and tear involved in shipping, so you can feel confident your package will reach its destination undamaged.


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