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Folding gift boxes

Custom folding boxes

You can find many kinds of folded boxes here , including folding gift boxes, foldable paper boxes, folded cardboard boxes, small folding boxes, folding packaging gift box,rigid cardboard folding boxes and other folding style boxes.

cardboard folding gift box


there are many kinds of gift boxes in our website for our clients. and many clients interested in our folding gift boxes, there are also many kinds of folding gift boxes, so we collect thesetop 10 styles of folding gift boxes here for your reference.

One folding gift boxes

folding gift boxes popular folding gift box

folded boxes

folding cardboard box folded boxes

popular folding cardboard boxes

Custom folded gift boxes black folding boxes with magnets

rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with designed printing , hidden magnets and ribbons to close the folding box. more information for this item , you can visit small folded box

One Piece Folding Boxes

If you don't mind a little DIY action, you can save some cash and still get the gorgeous cardboard boxes you seek by purchasing one piece folding boxes. With a huge selection of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from, you'll certainly find the right boxes for every need. Do you want to present family members, friends, colleagues, or clients with wine bottles? Bottle presentation boxes make it easy. There are also boxes specially designed to display baked goods or other merchandise, tab top boxes that are perfect for truffles or other small items, and even cone shaped favor boxes that may be filled with candy or other gifts for a unique packaging presentation. And with plenty of useful and eye-catching solutions like tuck top gift boxes, easy-to-fold pillow boxes, and colored corrugated mailing boxes, you can make any gift or favor all the more appealing while fulfilling your packing, sorting, or wrapping needs. Plus, one-piece construction makes assembly a cinch.


Folded bottom box with lid

folded box with lid foldable boxes with lid

Two Piece Folding Boxes

The various shapes and sizes of two piece folding boxes offered by BBP are sure to please anyone looking for a practical way to store important documents or business cards, or an attractive and easy solution to wrapping oddly-shaped or otherwise difficult items like clothing, jewelry, and toys. Some are colored or printed while others already have ribbons and bows attached for ease of use. And the simple, pop-up assembly won't tax your mental faculties or cause you to break a sweat (over a cardboard box)!


it is a little different from style 1 . this style is just bottom box can be folded, and the lid is normal top lid. if you interested in this style, you can visit this style folded bottom box with lid fb018 to learn more details.

Special folding paper box

custom folding gift boxes folding paper box

different folded way, but can also save the packaging cost, shipping charge and storage volume. more details of this item, special folding paper box fb014.

bottom boxes is foldable by metal buttons. lid is normal. bottom can be folded and put into the lid to save the packaging cost more.

new folding boxes

new style folding box custom new style folding box

new folding boxes lid is normal. bottom box is foldable with a bottom support board.

folded boxes with ribbon

opposite folding box with ribbon

opposite folded boxes

it is a little different from the style 1. there is one piece rigid paper board on the inside of top, so we have to fold the lid opposite. more information, please check this item cardboard folded paper boxes fb035 .

because it is thin card paper , not like other folding gift boxes, it is die-cutting and easy to fold and flat packing.

Folding Boxes with Handles

If you've ever struggled with an armful of boxes during the holidays or while prepping for big events, you'll find boxes with handles to be a convenient solution. We offers options like gable boxes, tab top tote bags and take-out style boxes, amongst other beautiful and functional styles. And gift givers will love printed boxes that add visual interest and richness without the hassle and expense of extra wrapping.


Folding boxes for large height

folding box for large height folding boxes for large heightfolding box for large height

folding boxes for large height

for style 1 , the height should be smaller than half of width. so if the height is more than half of width , it is not easy to fold as style 1. and this style is similar but not the same. the four corners are not stick ready, you should stick it when you want to use it.

two pieces folding boxes with lids

two pieces folding box with lids Custom two pieces folding boxes with lids

two pieces folding boxes with lids