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Rigid Cardboard boxes

We are cardboard boxes manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the custom cardboard boxes based on your requirements.

There are some our small cardboard boxes for your reference.

1. Small Cardboard Jewelry Box with Silver Logo for packaging

Small Cardboard Jewelry Box with Silver Logo

Material : 1.5 mm rigid paper board , 120 gsm black special paper

Logo : hot foil stamp printing in silver color , centre of the top lid

Structure : box with lid, small black cardboard box with lid

Shaped : square shaped paper boxes

2. Small Cardboard boxes with Decorative Ribbons

Small Cardboard boxes with Ribbons

Material : 1.5 mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper, printed ribbon

Size : very small size for ring packaging

Decoration : small ribbon with printing to decorate the small cardboard boxes with lids

Packaging : 1 piece small cardboard box into a polybag , 80 pieces small cardboard gift boxes into a strong shipping carton.

3. Small Black Foldable Cardboard Box with Ribbon

Small Black Foldable Cardboard Box with Ribbon

Material : 1.5 rigid cardboard , 128 gsm art paper, golden ribbon, magnets

Printing : black printing for inside and outside of the paper boxes

Structure : foldable cardboard boxes, small folding gift boxes

Closure : hidden magnets on the flap , to close the box, small ribbon to decorative the folded cardboard boxes

Size : 22 x 22 x 4.5 cm , and we can produce the fold cardboard boxes at your sizes.

4. Small Printing Cardboard boxes

Small printing cardboard boxes

Material : cardobard , art paper, small pink ribbon

Printing : green printing with black words

Shaped : rectangular shaped paper boxes

Decoration : small pink ribbon , 1.2 cm width ribbon to decorate the small green cardboard paper boxes

Lamination : matte lamination for the small decorative paper box

Decorative Cardboard boxes

China manufacturer of decorative cardboard boxes ! Custom decorative cardboard boxes from BBP Box!

Featuring decorative cardboard boxes and favor styles. Many kinds of decorative cardboard boxes and patterns for your design packaging.  Our factory offer a wide variety of custom decorative cardboard boxes at very competitive factory prices.

There are some our decorative cardboard boxes for your reference.

1. Decorative Cardboard Box with Window and Ribbon

Decorative Cardboard Box with Window

Material : 1.5 mm rigid paper board , 0.3 mm thickness pvc film window , white satin ribbon , 128 gsm art paper

Printing : 4 color printing , and gold foil priting on the outside

Shaped : rectangular-shaped box with a lid

Ribbon : 2.5 cm width white satin ribbon to decorate the cardboard boxes with lid

Window : 0.3 mm thickness transparent pvc film window on the top lid to show what in the box.

2. Decorative Black Cardboard Storage Box

Decoartive Black Cardboard Storage Box

Printing : black color printing for outside , side wall , inside of the box

Material : 2mm rigid paper board for the paper storage boxes

Decoration : small red ribbon to decorative the cardboard storage boxes