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Cardboard Jewelry boxes

Custom paperboard boxes for Jewelry packing

Whether you’re looking for jewelry boxes wholesale, pillow boxes, cotton box filling, or another jewelry packaging solution, BBP is here to meet your needs quickly and painlessly. We give you the best service and products at a discount. We make it easy for you to find what you need with our website and dedicated team of packaging experts, and once you’ve found it, we offer the lowest prices and fastest shipping.

Finding What You Need

We offers several styles of jewelry boxes wholesale in a variety of shapes and colors. We also offer custom printing services to bring your designs to life and unify your brand.

We pride ourselves on helping to get you what you need, hassle-free. The color and usage indexes at the top of the page make it easy to narrow down your potential options. You may also be interested in checking out our jewelry packaging index to find more jewelry packaging such as: organza bags, poly bags, tissue paper and more.

Cardboard jewelry boxes manufacturer in China, our factory can provide many kinds of Jewelry boxes, ring boxes, necklace boxes, bracelet boxes , disney jewelry boxes , etc.


Cardboard jewelry boxes,Jewelry packaging boxes

Material : 1.5mm rigid cardboard , with special paper or print colour paper, black foam insert

Size :15x15x3cm for jewelry packaging

Shaped : square shaped cardboard box print logo or Hot stamping sliver logo on the lid

There are some our cardboard jewellery boxes for your reference.

1. Cardboard necklace box with lid

Cardboard necklace boxes with lid

Material : 1.2 mm rigid paper board , 120 gsm black special paper , PVC film window, paper board with black velvet fabric refill

Sizel : 24 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm , lid height 2.5 cm

Window : transparent film window , you can see the beautiful necklace from the lid, necklace box with a window

Refill : paper board with velvet surface to hold the necklace , display necklace jewelry gift box with lid

2. Chipboard Ring Box / Necklace Box / Bracelet Box

Chipboard Ring Box / Necklace Box / Bracelet Box

Material : chipboard , rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper with printing and matte lamination

Small size chipboard ring box , medium size for bracelet boxes , long size for necklace packaging

Rigid chipboard jewelry boxes for your reference.

Printing : we can print the cardboard paper jewelry boxes based on your artwork.

3. Print colour cardboard watch box

printed cardboard watch box

Material : rigid cardboard , with special paper and print colour paper, white velvet foam

Size : small size , for watch packaging

Shaped : square shaped cardboard watch box with lid

Material : rigid cardboard , 2 mm thickness , 128 gsm paper print colour

we can produce any size jewellery boxes based on your requirements

4. Cardboard Disney Jewelry boxes

Cardboard Disney Jewelry box

Material : 1.5 mm rigid cardboard with 128 gsm art paper

Printing : disney design printing in 4 color for outside, 1 color printing for inside of the box

Shaped : different shaped of gift boxes based on disney design , heart-shaped cardboard box , chest case shaped paper boxes

Printing : 4 color disney design printing for outside , 1 color printing for inside of the jewelry boxes

Lamination : matte lamination

5. Small Foldable Cardboard Jewelry boxes

Small Foldable Cardboard Jewelry box

Material : 1.0 mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper , hidden magnets , stickers

Size : small folding jewelry boxes , 12 x 10 x 4.5 cm

Printing : one color printing for whole cardboard box , silver color

Closure : hidden magnets to close the folded box