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    What is Drawer Box?

    Although there is no official name for this type of box, we refer to it as a “drawer box” to help customers better understand the box’s shape. Other names for this box include slide-open boxes, slide-out packaging boxes, trays with sleeves, and rigid cardboard matchboxes. Drawer boxes are ideal for showcasing products in stores. The box can be left slightly open, either standing up or flat, to display the contents without removing the lid. One of the most effective design techniques for this box is to use a different design and color for the outer carton and inner drawer. The outer box can be replaced with a rigid or flat-folding sleeve as an alternative. Usually, our clients like to have some compartment inside the boxes. Such as folding paper inserts or rigid dividers, pop out sections for bottles, or even molded platforms made from high-density foam, covered in foam or velvet or satin.


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