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China manufacturer of custom gift boxes for packaging, our factory can supply you many kinds of custom gift boxes, printed boxes, square boxes, round boxes, etc.

Print your company logo on rectangle gift boxes from BBP boxes.

Nesting gift boxes with lids

To save the shipping freight and packaging cost, many clients order nesting gift boxes with lids .

Nesting Christmas Gift boxes with lids

Nesting Gift boxes with lidsAdvantage and Disadvantage

1. Advantage is Easy , simple to produce and use.

2. Disadvantage is that Need much space to storage the boxes, much volume,much packaging cost and much shipping freight.But the nesting style boxes will save more space.

How to Use the gift boxes with lids

It is very easy, get the gift boxes with lids, open it from top side , pop up boxes , put the gifts in the bottom box , then close the lid.


The price of the gift box with lid is based on the material, size, printing, shaped, quantity, etc.

Leader Manufacturer of gift boxes with lids

BBP is a leader gift box with lid manufacturer in China, your can buy the gift boxes with lids from BBP.

Custom Gift boxes with lids

If you want to custom made the gift boxes with lids based on your requirements, you can send an enquiry of gift boxes with lids to BBP, including the specification of the box you need, like the size, shaped, printing, quantity, pictures , your company name and contact information, etc. Send a email now,

Wholesale gift boxes with lids

If you want to wholesale gift boxes with lids with different choices , you should contact your local importer or wholesaler to get them, also you can contact BBP to get a factory price for your reference.

Retail gift boxes with lids

If you just need small quantity of gift boxes with lids, you can go to Wal-mart, Kmart, Tesco, Carrefour or your local store for gifts, boxes store, etc. Or get it from online shop, like Ebay, Amazon, or other online shopping site.

More Pictures of gift boxes with lids

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