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  • What Is Embossing?

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    The word "emboss" means to create a raised surface from pressure or heat. Correspondingly, embossing is the process of creating raised surfaces in paper or other materials by applying pressure.

    It is often used to decorate the covers of books and other items with a design or pattern. Embossing can be achieved by using letterpress printing, with a mold pressed into paper, or engraving tools to cut away from the surface.

    The ancient Egyptians developed the process of embossing and used it on papyrus documents to create a raised design.

    It can be done by hand, but it is more commonly done using an embossing machine. The machine presses the material against a die, which creates the design on the material's surface.

    Embossing and emboss printings add dimension to a surface and enhances its appearance. It also protects against wear and tear. Embossing can be used to get attention in a crowded market, as it is an excellent way to brand a product or package with your company's logo or name.


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