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    Flexo printing in China

    Many people wonder what flexographic printing is. Flexography is a method of printing that uses rotary in-line features. Therefore, you can print things on flexible materials, such as paper, plastic, cellophane, and metallic film. With flexo printing (as it is often called), you can have different repeat lengths, use various inks, and more.

    Flexography was derived from rubber stamp printing, which became prevalent in the early 1900s. When the FDA deemed the inks being used for the process as unsafe for food packaging, it’s main use case at the time, changes were made to the inks being used and the process was renamed.

    Although the original use of flexographic printing was almost entirely for food packaging, time and technological advancements have made it available for many other applications now. About 60 percent of the packaging industry uses flexographic printing in some way.


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