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  • Custom reverse tuck end printed paper box

    Reverse Tuck End Boxes

    There are a lot of box styles available on the Liquid Printer, however the reverse tuck end is the simplest and standard packaging. These boxes are easy to assemble and can be used for any product packaging need. When it comes to retail packaging, the reverse tuck end box is the primary choice. The closing flap of these boxes produced in the opposite direction and is therefore called RTE. Liquid Printer offers custom packaging made of high quality cardstock and corrugated cardboard.

    Secondly, if you wish to add extra essential features such as custom die cute windows or simply a myriad of windows, you would be happy to know that it’s most likely to happen. Our innovative team of designers is always ready to pamper the clients with extra features so that they always retain the premium texture and signature quality of We strive to attain customer satisfaction and we never compromise on the quality of our work.

    Our quality of work is always a piece of state of the art and no doubt, many companies selling dry products such as toys, technological goods, foods, beverages and a lot more.

    Are you trying to look out for the sturdiest custom product boxes that can astoundingly display your products in a bevy of ways quite magnificently? These boxes are meant to render you with the wholeness of a package completely and no wonder, these straight end boxes are the most idealistic option for the transportation of the most light weight products. And, if you buy them from the most applauded packaging and printing websites such as, you are sure to experience the most pragmatic packaging solutions for your miscellaneous products.


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