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    What is Matte Lamination?

    Matte Lamination on Product Packaging

    Matte lamination has a softer and more natural look that doesn’t reflect as much light as gloss lamination, which in turn makes it easier to read the packaging.

    Colors are not as vivid or sharply contrasting on matte laminated packaging so although they don’t stand out as much as with gloss, if you want a more subtle effect, this could be the perfect option.

    Matte lamination also has a soft texture that’s protective, but rather velvety in how it feels.

    What is Gloss Lamination?

    Gloss Lamination on Product Packaging

    Gloss lamination offers a much shinier look that increases how vibrant colors look. It’s often used for marketing pieces because it adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the piece.

    Whether you’re using CMYK or PMS, colors are more vivid with gloss lamination, so if you want something that truly stands out on store shelves, laminated packaging is sure to get noticed.

    Both types of lamination provide durable protection against being handled but there are certain instances where you’ll want to choose one over the other.

    t’s important to note that how the finished product will look depends on what you want the packaging to do as a result of light hitting it – matte lamination absorbs light and gloss lamination reflects it.


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