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  • What Is Blister Packaging Made Out Of?

    The focal point of a blister pack's various materials is a piece of thermoformed plastic (such as PVC, PET, PETG, etc.). A backing substrate (most commonly made from blister-board) is attached to the backside of the thermoformed plastic container. Two-sided blister packs that do not use a blister-board backer but instead use another piece of plastic are commonly called clamshells.

    Blister packaging is a unique type of packaging that evokes the idea of a blister. If you have ever had one, you can see the resemblance. It is a flat surface with a bubble protruding from the flat area. Inside the bubble is where the product is contained.


    Blister packaging (AKA: blister packs) are a type of carded packaging. Similar in style to skin packs, blister packs are commonly used for packaging a variety of products including, but not limited to fishing lures, tools, and pharmaceuticals.

    plastic clamshell packaging

    Blister packs are sturdy and robust packaging materials that are an excellent choice for protecting products from harm. Blister packs also protect products from other problems like humidity and contamination for extended time-frames. Some types of blister packs are made with unique plastic formulations that will actually block UV rays from touching the product within.

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