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  • Rigid paper box lid with window



    Introducing our custom rigid boxes with window – the perfect way to showcase your products with confidence! These boxes feature a hinged window design that creates maximum shelf impact and an optimal unboxing experience.


    Wish to transform ordinary looking products such as ties, jar candles and delighted edibles into precious keepsake? Make them look fascinating, tantalizing and diacritic to make recipients excited to unbox with custom rigid boxes with window. Whether creating these products to present as gift at various occasions or make them sell at retail stores as a luxury product, turn this into reality with fascinating shapes for custom rigid boxes with window. At BBP Packaging, we employ packaging specialists with in-depth knowledge about every possible use of products and work closely with eclectic designers to compile an enormous list of hand-selected shapes for these rigid boxes with window and make them available in our box shape library. They also assist you to pick the most suitable one from this library depending upon your rigid box with window requirements. Moreover, for custom rigid boxes with window, these specialists offer guidance to:

    Opt for cube shape to display your jar candles in an elegant manner which provoke the attention of walk-in customers.Select hexagonal shape to send favors like muffins, macrons and cupcakes in a delighting way to dear ones at different occasions.Choose rectangular shape to hit the apparel shelves in a presentive and out-standing way that lure customers from a far.


    CHINA BBP CO., LTD is a good  China custom paper box supplier and manufacturer. If you have a custom boxes to make, please do not hesitate to give us an email.

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