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Folding style gift boxes

Two pieces folding boxes with lids

You can find many kinds of folded boxes here , including folding gift boxes, foldable paper boxes, folded cardboard boxes, small folding boxes, folding packaging gift box,rigid cardboard folding boxes and other folding gift boxes.

there are many kinds of gift boxes in our website for our clients. and many clients interested in our folding gift boxes, there are also many kinds of folding gift boxes, so we collect thesetop 10 styles of folding gift boxes here for your reference.

folded bottom box with lid

folded box with lid foldable boxes with lid

rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with designed printing , hidden magnets and ribbons to close the folding box. more information for this item , you can visit other folded boxes

two pieces folding box with lids Custom two pieces folding boxes with lids

250-250 gsm white card with printed and can be foldable style boxes